A man page reader for your browser
Download Bwana and drop it into your applications folder. Then, without even running it, you can start viewing Unix manual pages using your browser. Just type "man:" followed by the man page you're looking for into your browser's URL field. Hit enter and let Bwana do the rest.

The man pages generated by Bwana are simple and to the point. We just threw in some color, some bold headers and cleaned it up a bit, so they go easy on the eye. In fact, Bwana is so simple - there's not much else we can say about it. So just download Bwana now to see how easy it integrates with your browser and what a difference it makes in viewing man pages.

The following are the three main commands you need to know to work with Bwana:

man:command -- used as URL in the browser to call man page.
man: -- bring up index
man:index_refresh -- reload index from source pages

And where does the strange name come from? We're glad you asked.
Bwana means 'Mr' or 'Sir' in Swahili. We thought it a fitting name for a man page viewer that integrates with Safari. The Bwana icon is a copy of one of the earliest rock drawings of man by man, found in a cave in Namibia.

If you'd like to contribute to Bwana, please don't hesitate to download a working copy using Mercurial:
sudo easy_install -U mercurial -- Install Mercurial
hg clone -- Get Bwana


This code is released under a MIT license which means you can change the code and use it for pretty much anything you want.

Man pages directly on your browser.

Better page set up to make reading easier.

Embedded email and http links.

Links to other man pages.

Links work in background.

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